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 To provide Eco-Friendly solution & Treatment as a Green Partner for the customers ."

Our Mission

 To be the leading company in providing best solutions to the market by transforming waste into resource."

Our vision

 Innovation, Efficiency, Resourcefulness , Community Partnerships"

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The Key To Successful Products Is A Great Production Line

Recycling Is Turning Waste Into Treasure

Our Factory Is Working 24/7 To Provide The Best Quality Products

Green Tech Industries

Green Tech  Industries Green Tech  Industries
Welcome to Green Tech Industries 
Our experience From the past, when we established our factory of Tire Recycling & Rubber Industry in the United Arab Emirates ,since then we learnt that customer satisfaction is the key to success. The formula is simple: Superior Product, Reasonable Price and Prompt Delivery. However our professional team works hard on researching, developing and producing the best rubber product. We use the best raw material .
Due to our concern about the customer and about the name we kept improving our quality and yet maintaining competitive prices, moreover we succeeded to establish a long-term friendship with many customers in the world wide market.
GTI waste tires recycling line, is a high standard of quality certification. This recycling line can be based on customer requirements, recycling within the range of tires 400-3000 mm diameter, strong applicability, the size of the output material can be controlled in the range of 5-100 mm, production can reach 200-10000 kg/h. The whole line can effectively realize the automatic separation of rubber, steel wire, nylon fiber and other materials, the whole line adopts PLC control system, it is easy to operate and maintain, and has the characteristics of low energy consumption and long service life.


What is the rubber industry?

The rubber industry is one of the integrated industries which are beginning to draw material from the rubber tree, called by its name and grown in the areas of Eastern Asia, where we import and start the process of producing our product, as well as materials for the piece to be used for a final product ready for use

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What types of rubber used in our industry?

Natural rubber (NR) , Synthetic rubber (EPDM, IIR, NBR, SBR, SI).

What are the sectors benefiting from the industry?

• Factories in general. • Printing presses. • Airports. • Sea Ports. • The railways. • The automobile industry. • Oil. • Roads. • Parking’s And other sectors

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Some Of Our Products

Products • Rubber Bumpers. • Fenders • Angle Protection for Pillars. • Shock Absorbers. • Gaskets • Solid Tires. • Rubber blocks. • Rubber Mounts • Rubber Couplings. • Oil Seals. • Rubber Bushes. • Industrial Rubber Rollers. • Rubber Printing Rollers. • Parking Bumpers.

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Point Of Recycling

The Trouble with Tires Tires that are simply thrown away are a serious environmental problem. The sheer volume of tires discarded each year – millions Of tires in the World – makes safe disposal difficult .

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  • GMWX+CW Umm Al Quwain - Umm Al Quawain - United Arab Emirates
  • Po Box 39922